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Edge Lit Signs
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Edge Lit Signs

Edge lit signs, as the name suggests, are signs which are illuminated from the side of a light panel which is usually acrylic. This is done to create thinner and more contemporary looking illuminated signs and displays. Edge lit acrylic signs can be produced by simply illuminating an acrylic panel at the side with LED lights to illuminate a graphic or highlight etched wording or logos. Edge lit acrylic in conjunction with aluminium frames enables the production of ultra slim light boxes. The illumination of edge lit signs is can be produced using thin lighting applications such as LEDs, Cold Cathode or T5 fluorescent tubes. Edge lit signs are available from small A4 ultra slim LED light boxes right up to LED light panels which can have 3m x 2m panels butted up together to create super size LED light walls.

edge lit ultra slim light box
edge lit ultra slim light box

edge lit ultra slim light box

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