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LED LIGHT PANEL - RGB (Color Changing)
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The LED COOL LGHTS Edge Lit Panels, can also be made with RGB LEDs. The RGB Panels can controlled by DMX or connect to each other and be controlled by a single RGB Controller. The panels can add an incrediable color changing effect to walls, floors, ceilings, or your next custom built trade show booth. We offer the LED RGB Light Panels with 30 LED per meter at 8mm or 10mm thickness and 60 LED per meter at 12mm thickness.
LED COOL LIGHTS is the first to bring LED-RGB Lighting to custom made panels.
These LED light panels offer many benefits that help outweigh the initial cost. Because there are no bulbs and they are more efficient than fluorescent bulbs, these edge lit lightboxes are thinner and will clearly save the user money in future electric bills. LED light panels also have a longer life span, lasting for over 100,000 hours before any light degradation begins. Because of this, L.E.D. lightbox signage is often the best preference for very large graphics and ads. While fluorescent boxes offer bright illumination in large sizes, the bulbs only last for about 2 years before one must replace them. This can be difficult and time-consuming. LED light panels, on the other hand, provide even brightness and maintenance-free use for over 11 years.
In addition to the long life span and ultra flat design, these LED light panels are a functional and user-friendly sign holder. Designed with convenience in mind, each of these thin lightboxes features a "flip-open" or "snap-open" aluminum frame. This allows the user the ability to change these LED light panels with minimal effort without even removing the unit from the wall. Routed corners also ensure that no one gets scratched by sharp edges on the frame. The Frame is an option, many customers order the LED light panels without the frame.These LED light panels can be mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on the situation. As some of the sleekest edge lit boxes on the market, this lightbox looks great anyplace - even in upscale and classy environments. These LED light panels come in two brushed aluminum finishes; black and silver and in various sizes in an effort to meet most any need.

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