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LED edge lit product Spectraglass™
Click:726 Date:6/28/2015 10:51:48 AM

Spectraglass™ is a bespoke glass panel lighting system, which creates even surface illumination through edge-lighting technology.

Spectraglass™ gives you more freedom to create with light, using the fully controllable system across a wide range of design applications.

Lit from within the frames along one single or two opposing edges, light reflects off the dot matrix pattern to produce bright, even panels of colour.


-Each panel is lit with high brightness RGB or static colour LEDs or fibre optics where increased brightness is required.
-Choose from single colours or pre-programmed sequences across the spectrum, with full DMX linked control.
-Create controllable moods using roof/floor panels, partitions, wall panelling, balustrading, shelving, signage and canopies.
-Ultra-fine ceramic baked screen-print gives up to 85% glass transparency.
-Heatsoaked tempered glass with laminate options for all glazing applications.

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