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LED-Edge-Lit-Custom Signs
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LED-Edge-Lit-Custom Signs

The sign seen below was a custom sign made for a DJ in Canada. If you need a sign that's out of the ordinary or just one of a kind please do not hesitate to ask - WE CAN MAKE IT !!

custom led edge lit signs


We can include any kind of custom artwork with your custom sign, If you have a design you can describe to us by a pre-existing logo to just a sketch on a piece of paper, We can translate it to a professional design you will be proud of. We can work with your designs or we will design your artwork from the ground up.


There is nothing cheap or gimicky about our signs, We use only the best cast acrylic plastic we can buy and unlike our competitors we use full three eighth inch thick full cast acrylic for our displays.


Our LEDs are the brightest in the business, we use nothing but four chip superflux LEDs for our plaques and displays so they can be seen night and day. All internal and external connections are soldered for a superior electrical low resistance connection.


All of our equipment is state of the art CNC equipment, We do not use shallow cutting lasers to do what a vee cutting high frequency router does best. All of our engraving is cut to a deep 45 degree for the brightest of light refraction with our LEDs.


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